Chameleon is a library of front-end patterns, variables, and helpers that when used, will Pusherify your UI!

It includes our color palettes, typography, and repeated components that are used across our products.


Why would I want to use this?

If you’re working on a public facing app or project, then it’s important that the visual style is kept consistent. The core aim of this library, is to help you spend less time worrying about what font-size something should be, or what the primary colour is. All of the variables are set, and many repeated patterns are here ready to drop in.

What things are in here?

Firstly, the base Sass variables. These include our colours, our typefaces, our font-weights, and our breakpoints. Certain patterns that are (or are likely to be) repeated across projects can also be found here. For example, buttons, form fields, and labels. There are also a few larger components, however for the most part, these are kept at project level.


Zurb Foundation for the the grid. Marvel for their colour naming convention.